Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

vintage-classic-motorcycle-insuranceVintage Motorcycle Insurance for Classic Motorcycles, Classic Bikes, and Vintage Scooters

Whether you’re the owner of a vintage motorcycle or a mechanic for classic bike (and in most cases, you’re both!) these rides require unique coverage that is only available from a small variety of insurance companies.  Walton Insurance Group of Jackson MI partners with insurance companies which offer the best vintage motorcycle insurance coverage for people who have a found love of classic rides.


Not All Insurance Companies Are the Same

When you’re comparing insurance companies that offer protection for vintage and classic motorcycles or scooters you should look for a these options to be included in your motorcycle policy, and be certain you’re looking at Apples-to-Apples.

Look for:

  • Low Annual Premiums (Yes, that’s a given!)
  • Guaranteed Value Coverage (What method do they use?)
  • Exceptional Claims Handling (Who’s the expert at handling this?)
  • Emergency Roadside Serve (Is Flatbed Towing included?)
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount (Will your classic count as “multi” with your auto or truck?)
  • Flexible Freedom of Usage (Is there a minimum length for coverage?)
  • Spare Parts & Tools Coverage (What about the parts on the bench?)
  • Motorcycle Apparel Coverage (Is your special protective wear clothing covered?)

If you’re in the Jackson, MI area and you need insurance for your Harley-Davidson, Indian Chief, Norton Commando, Honda, BMW, other vintage motorcycle or vintage scooter please check us out.  Walton has special insurance programs for your special ride!

Speak with an agent to make sure you have proper insurance coverage in place. Call us direct: 517.787.2600 or contact us online.

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