are students belongings covered while at college

Are Students Belongings Covered While at College?

are students belongings covered while at collegeStudents May Need Their Own Policy

If you have a college student under 26 years old, enrolled in classes and living in on campus housing, living in a dorm, or other campus housing, their belongings may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy, however, this means that they are sharing your liability limit. If you have a child away at school, it is best to separate the child’s liability from the parents’ liability.

Renters Insurance Offers Protection

Renters insurance offers protection on personal belongings, clothes, furniture, electronics, and more and all this stuff adds up quicker than you might think! If you are ever faced with unexpected damage, or break -in and theft, renters insurance is the policy that offers help to cover the cost of replacing your stuff.

Landlord Will Not Cover Belongings

The landlord’s insurance policy may cover the building but it will not cover your students’ personal belongings.  Walton Insurance Group can help you protect those belongings by providing a Renter’s Insurance policy at very affordable prices.  Contact Walton Insurance Group for a no obligation quote.

Cindy Gascoyne, Personal Lines ManagerAbout the Author

Cindy Gascoyne, CIC, AAI, CPIA is a true Spartan fan, loves her kids and fur-babies, and resides in Jackson, Michigan.  She began at WIG in 2010 and has an accumulation of thirty-six years of insurance experience.  Cindy is the Personal Lines Manager with credentials as a counselor, certified professional agent, and advisor in Property & Casualty, and Life.

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