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Transition of Bill Rupnow

Bill Rupnow - MAP photoJust a brief note to my friends, associates and valued clients; 2017 will be an exciting year of growth and transition for me personally as I continue “passing the torch” to the next generation of highly qualified leaders and innovators here at Walton Insurance Group. The level of dedication, creativity and excitement exhibited by these outstanding young men and women only enhances my optimism for the future of our organization. I have truly been blessed with the opportunities provided to me over these past 25 years and am excited to begin my next chapter with Michigan Agency Partners as we move into 2018.

All the best!
Wm. Rupnow, CBC, CPIA | Chief Operating Officer

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  1. Karla Hard

    So excited for you and your new beginnings, but sad for those who have had the joy of working with you. The best to you in all you do. Please keep in touch.

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