Tips for a Spectacular Summer Boating Season


The air is warming, the birds are singing, and summer boating is right around the corner.

We know you’re excited for boating season and long days out on the lake. But before June arrives and you find yourself ready to head out on the water, take some time to make sure your boat is just as ready as you are. Below, we’ve provided some tips to help you make sure everything is ship-shape!

Tip #1: Don’t underinsure. This can be a difficult one, as you probably treat your boat with the utmost care and consider yourself a safe driver. However, the unfortunate truth is that accidents happen, and it is best to be prepared. The more underinsured a boat is, the more likely it is to be declared a total loss in the event of an accident. If this happens, you will be forced to choose between taking the undervalued total loss payout and retaining the salvage value with a reduced amount for repairs. For this reason, it is important to insure your boat at its full market value, even though this means paying a little higher premium up front.

Tip #2: Evaluate your trailer. Although this is important for all boats, it is especially vital for classics. Your boat and trailer should be an “exact fit” and should be designed specifically for each other. If not, uneven pressure may be placed on your boat hull, leading to unnecessary and avoidable damage. You should also consider holding your boat down with straps while transporting your boat via trailer. This isn’t required, but a little extra protection never hurt anybody.

Tip #3: Check out your docking station. Many older boat lifts contain wooden components, especially to make up the V-shaped cradle that a boat rests on. Unfortunately, this wood eventually decays with age, becoming a hazard to your boat. Be sure to regularly check your lift for rot and decay, or just replace the wooden planks with aluminum. This will help to avoid any problems associated with docking and storing your boat.

Tip #4: Make sure you’re legal. Just like driving a car, there are various boating laws that all operators must adhere to. Before you take to the water this summer, make sure your boat is properly registered and adorned with the stickers to prove it. Additionally, double check PDF, horn, visual distress signal, and fire extinguisher requirements to ensure you are compliant.

Walton can help you be prepared!

We hope you enjoy an exciting and safe summer on the water! Take the time to prepare your boat now so that when summer finally comes you can spend your time enjoying it!

The above is an article written by our Marketing Intern: Amanda Anderson, a resident of Napoleon MI, has a taste for adventure. She plays hockey and enjoys hunting, wake-boarding, water-skiing, and off-roading at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Amanda attends Michigan State University, where she is a junior studying marketing in the Broad College of Business. March 2017.

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