Human Resources Administrator balancing roles

Raising the Bar with Proactive Service

Human Resources Administrator balancing rolesThe life of an HR person is not simple.

Like most of our clients, the HR Administrator is also the controller, the accountant, and office manager all in one. Balancing multiple roles can get tough! Handling the HR means staying on top of multiple, evolving procedures. We understand this at Walton; we know what it takes to fill this type of role and we want you to know that WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

New Management Initiatives

In addition to being an Account Executive, I recently took on the Benefits Manager role. This role has given me the opportunity to look at our current internal processes, which has helped me realize HR issues that many of our clients and prospects are experiencing. Currently, we do everything we can to help our clients with benefits administration and claims. Many look to us to process their benefit administration by handing off the enrollments/terminations to us, and we handle it from there. Or, a client may have an issue with a claim that we can help with, often resulting in getting the claim reimbursed properly. However, I don’t think that is enough!

Benefits Coordinator for Support

In coordination with Kim Riedel, we have developed an entirely new position to meet the demand in HR support. Kim Riedel is already well recognized at Walton and oversees most of the daily service within the group benefits sector. She has years of experience in HR, administration, and accounting, and understands our clients need better than anyone. Kim Riedel’s new Benefits Coordinator role is designed to provide our customers with proactive one-on-one custom HR support that will raise the bar to our customer service.

“The position will allow me the opportunity to spend time with the HR Administrator of our groups and assist them with multiple things like enrollments, billing, COBRA questions, Compliance, benefit information, administration, and provide training where applicable,” says Riedel.  Assisting our HR contacts this way goes above and beyond what other agencies are doing in our field. Since each client has a unique benefits program, Riedel develops custom presentations for each group complete with a professional administrative kit and much more.

Often, a group may have three or four different benefit carriers; this is because we shop for the best products and rates to suit each customer. “I understand that administering benefits in this situation can be overwhelming,” says Riedel.  Customers will appreciate simplified enrollment forms, administrative cheat sheets, HR tools, and training of online resources. There is just so much to know, and streamlining things with simplified forms and procedures makes a huge difference.

Riedel provides value to our groups by helping them review their billing statements and cross referencing actual enrollment data. This is a simple, yet very important procedure that is often missed. We have been able to save employer’s thousands of dollars simply by walking them through the process of auditing their billing statements. Riedel stated, “We often find employees that should have been termed from benefit plans months ago, but because it was missed, the employer is continuing to pay for the ex-employee.”  This simple procedure can also avoid a major liability for the employer if a newly hired employee is accidently missed and not enrolled in the benefits program.

Riedel also plans to review many of the value-added benefits built into benefits programs that are often forgotten. Riedel explains, “I really look forward to showing our groups many unique and cool features that they don’t even know about.” One of these cool features includes the Blue Cross/Blue Care’s Amwell phone app that connects employees to a live doctor via smartphone face timing. This feature gives employees care without leaving the comfort of their own home or waiting at the doctor’s office. They can even see a doctor at work.  She is especially excited about this because she has used it herself and continues to brag about it.

Our benefits department will be able to do so much more now with Riedel undertaking her new role. Strengthening our business relationships is nothing new to Kim; she has always been eager to help our clients in many fashions. Riedel clarifies, “I plan to maintain my current relationships – I love my customers and still plan to be in the office much of the time overseeing our daily service, but I am also really excited about being able to go out and put a face to so many people that I have been working with for so long.” I recently met with a client to review their HR needs and the client shared: “Kim Riedel has been a godsend to me as an HR person.” From a sales and management perspective, this is exactly what I hope to hear from our clients and exactly what I want to see from my service team.

Proactive Approach Leads to Better Communication

Overall, we are creating and implementing a proactive service team. I will not sit on the sidelines while our clients are taking hits on the HR field. I want to make our client’s jobs easier so they can get back to focusing on their other roles that can positively affect their business. I am confident in saying that we are suited up and ready to join your fight. That is how we are being proactive and raising the bar to customer service here at Walton Insurance Group.

The above is an article written by our Benefits Manager | Account Executive, Ryan Harris, for our 2017 Spring Quarterly Newsletter.  If you enjoyed this article, we would love to send you more like this!  Visit the Newsletter Sign Up page and register today.

Ryan Harris is a Certified Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist and has been with the Walton family for almost 7 years. Since 2010 he has worked extensively on benefit programs and solutions for a wide range of employers. His contagious enthusiasm, and expertise has earned him the Benefits Manger role at Walton on top of his Account Executive role. Being an active member of both Priority Health and Blue Cross’s Agent Council’s help him stay sharp on the business front. Ryan has an extensive range of interests from World War II history to water sports and everything in-between. His recently grown family of three can be seen exercising together around the Clark Lake Spirit Trail or competing in a local run.

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