Shannon in Benefits loves paperwork

Who LOVES Health Care Paperwork?

Shannon in Benefits loves paperwork

Shannon Stoetzel, that’s who! Yep, she’s one crazy gal!

Shannon is one of our valuable employees in the Benefits Department. She puts together custom health plans and services such accounts. She’s used to digging in to get to the bottom of the best health care coverage.

HEALTH CARE INSURANCE TIP for businesses that offer health care benefits

Now that the dust has settled and Open Enrollment has ended, here are some things to think about as you enter the New Year.

Audit Your Invoices

You’ll want to check that all those adds, deletes, and changes that just occurred were recorded accurately on the carrier’s end by reconciling your invoice against your payroll every month. You don’t want to get six months down the road and realize you have been over-paying.  It might take a few billing cycles to see the changes on your invoice; sometimes taking you into February or March.  The most common item over-looked is paying double coverage.  When an employee changes from family to single and the carrier is not updated right away this creates unnecessary expense to the business.

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