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Q & A: Adding a Teenage Driver

new teenage driverCommon Questions When There’s a New Teenage Driver in the House

When you have a new teenager in the house who just received their drivers license, adding them to your policy brings up some common questions.  Cindy Gascoyne, Personal Lines Manager, answers some of the most common questions we receive.

Q: I need to add a teenage driver to my policy.  What information do you need?

To begin with, the teenager must live with you (the named insured) and their license must reflect your same address (the named insureds address).

Then, we will need:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Relationship to the named insured
  • A copy of the valid driver’s license (front & back)
  • Vehicle Information:
    • What vehicle are they driving
    • How is the vehicle used (commute/school)
    • How far is it driven
    • Whether the teenager is on the title of the vehicle

Plus, if your teenager is in school they may be eligible for a Good Student discount.  All we need  is a copy of their grades for proof.

Q: I need to make a change (add a driver, drop a driver, etc.). How quickly will this go into effect?

When do you need it to go in to effect?  Let us know when you need the coverage to be effective.  Backdating is not always an option with auto policies.  If it is an option, typically we can’t go back more than 30 days.  If backdating is available, we will request you sign a  “No Loss Letter” indicating there has not been a loss since the backdated effective date.

Q: Can I make changes to my policy online?

That depends on the carrier.  Some have an online dashboard and some do not.  Walton has a Client Portal where you can view your coverage any time 24/7/365. Get signed up today!

Q: Is it better to call in a change or go online?  What are the benefits either way or what do YOU prefer I do?

Again, it depends on the type of change being made and the carrier. Most carriers only allow limited changes to be made online. We would prefer for you to call us to discuss the change needed. Many times a change can affect other policies and coverage that you may not be aware of. Talking it through will avoid any surprises.

Cindy Gascoyne, Personal Lines ManagerAbout the Author

Cindy Gascoyne, CIC, AAI, CPIA is a true Spartan fan, loves her kids and fur-babies, and resides in Jackson, Michigan.  She began at WIG in 2010 and has an accumulation of thirty-six years of insurance experience.  Cindy is the Personal Lines Manager with credentials as a counselor, certified professional agent, and advisor in Property & Casualty, and Life.

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